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In our property listing service, we understand the importance of making your property stand out from the rest. That's why we take pride in creating detailed and attractive descriptions of our corporate and vacation properties.

In addition, we take professional photos of the properties to ensure that our clients get an accurate representation of what they can expect during their stay. Our listings are posted on a variety of websites, including FurnishedFinder, VRBO, Lodgify, TravelHaven, TravelCorps, CorporateHousing, Airbnb, and our own direct website.

By listing the properties on multiple platforms, we ensure maximum exposure and consistent traffic to our website. We believe that by providing potential clients with as much information as possible, we can make the booking process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Our Technology

Smart locks and contactless check-in

Nest smart home systems

Cleaning application

Co2 occupant detection

Noise monitoring


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